ScriptXpert’s Script Search: The Asylum Options Four Screenplays from Unproduced Writers

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the_asylum_logo_zip_hoodie_darkThe Asylum, a motion picture production, financing, and worldwide distribution studio, has optioned four feature screenplays through ScriptXpert’s Script Search, provided by The Writers Store. The Asylum’s credits include Sharknado, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, Zombie Apocalypse, Mother, Blood Lake, Paranormal Entity, and A Snow Globe Christmas.

Congratulations to the writers of the four optioned screenplays!

Deadly Views written by Bill Johnston, is a thriller about a reporter that teams up with the police to hunt down a serial killer, who videotapes his crimes and sends them to the reporter before moving on to his next victim.

The Forest written by Gregory Livingston, is a horror about a research team that is faced with the threat of a colony of Big Foot’s that begin to terrorize a forest by stealing human bodies to eat.

Horn Dog written by Mike Davidson, is a sexy-comedy focusing on an over-sexed and under-loved college student who finds himself “body-swapped” with a frat-house jock, who both find sex and love in their new bodies.

The French Disaster written by Ian Mcnulty, is a disaster script about one man who has to save the world from overly-powerful volcanoes and earthquakes, destroying Paris.

ScriptXpert’s Script Search facilitates the vetting process of new material for production companies, producers and execs. Their next partnership is with production company Pannon Entertainment, which develops and produces theatrical feature films and manages writers. For further details, please visit The Writers Store site.

Pannon Entertainment Inc. is currently developing titles such as Whale Talk, a feature film based on the book with the same title by Chris Crutcher, among many others. The company works with both emerging and established talent with multiple award nominations. Pannon Entertainment’s executives are actively judging several major screenwriting competitions. The company is currently looking for new talented writers to represent.

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