The Scoggins Report: April 2011 Spec Market Roundup

by Jason Scoggins & Cindy Kaplan
(Originally published May 6, 2011)



The spec market saw solid numbers again in April, even if they didn’t quite live up to March’s mammoth numbers.  In addition to the overall positive performance, here are the high order bits worth mulling this weekend:

  • Three different companies were involved with two spec sales each last month.  On the sellers’ side, Energy, Paradigm and WME each sold two scripts.  Across the table, Hollywood Gang convinced two different studios (Relativity and Warner Bros.) to make purchases on its behalf.
  • April saw six buyers that hadn’t bought scripts yet in 2011, including three new studios:  Dimension, New Line and RelativityThat’s the first spec purchase for Dimension since April 2009, and the first spec purchase for New Line since I began tracking closely at the beginning of 2009.

There are plenty of other Easter Eggs buried below, too:  Joe Eszterhas is back in the game; Meg Ryan’s attached to her hypothetical directorial debut; and specs from 2009 and 2010 found homes.  Plus, you know the spec market is alive when a studio agrees to buy a Western.

Stay classy, Hollywood.

April 2011 April 2010 April 2009
New Specs 38 46 46
Number Sold1 9 12 11
Percent Sold2 23.7% 26.1% 23.9%
Genres Sold 1 Action

2 Comedies

2 Dramas

1 Horror

1 Sci-fi

1 Thriller

1 Western

3 Action/Adventure3 Comedies

1 Drama

1 Sci-Fi

4 Thrillers

2 Action/Adventure4 Comedies

1 Sci-Fi/Fantasy

4 Thriller

1 This number is a tally of every script that sold in April.

2 This number only takes into account scripts that came out and sold in April.


Weekly Activity Breakdown

Week of April 4:

  • 8 scripts hit the tracking boards, none of which sold.
  • 4 additional sales were reported (“Bait and Switch,” “Hoof Harrington’s Greatest Hits,” “Into the Beautiful,” and “Lust”)


Week of April 11:

  • 7 scripts hit the boards, none of which sold.


Week of April 18 (Passover):

  • 9 scripts hit the boards, none of which sold.


Week of April 25 (Easter):

  • 13 scripts hit the tracking boards, 1 of which sold (“The Watching Hour”)
  • 3 additional sales were reported (“Untitled Greenfield/Thomas Action Comedy,” “The Greys” and “Ness/Capone”)

Genre Breakdown*

Genre Total Sold % Sold
Action/Adventure 7 0 (+1) 0%
Comedy 11 2 18%
Drama 2 0 (+2) 0%
Horror 3 1 33%
Fantasy 1 0 0%
Sci-Fi 2 1 50%
Thriller 12 1 8%
Western 0 0 (+1) 0%

*April’s numbers only; sales from previous months are in parentheses.



Spec Sales (alphabetical by title)

Bait and Switch

Writer:  Matthew J. O’Neill

RepsInnovative (Jim Stein, Michael Pio), Smart Entertainment (John Jacobs)


Genre:  Action comedy

AttachmentsStuber Pictures’ Scott Stuber will produce with Mark Wahlberg, Leverage Management’s Stephen Levinson and Smart’s John Jacobs.  Smart’s Zac Unterman will executive produce.

Notes:  Wahlberg is reportedly considering starring in the film as well.

Untitled Greenfield/Thomas Action Comedy

Writers:  Luke Greenfield & Nicholas Thomas

RepsAPA and CAA

Buyer:  Fox

Genre:  Action comedy

Attachments:  Greenfield (“Something Borrowed”) will direct and produce through his WideAwake banner along with Genre Films’ Simon Kinberg and Aditya Sood.

The Greys

Writer:  Adam Cohen

Reps: Paradigm (Scott Henderson) and Evolution Entertainment (Evan Corday, Stephen Gates)


Genre:  Sci-fi thriller

Attachments:  Bryan and Sean Furst will produce through their Furst Films along with Radar Pictures’ Ted Field and Mike Weber.  F. Javier Guttierez (“Before the Fall”) is on board to direct.

Notes:  Script originally went out in January.

Hoof Harrington’s Greatest Hits

Writer:  Dutch Southern

RepsUTA (Tobin Babst) and Energy Entertainment (Adam Marshall, Angelina Chen, Brooklyn Weaver)

Buyer1984 Films

Genre:  Action

Attachments:  1984‘s Adi Shankar and Spencer Silna will produce.

Notes:  Script originally went out in October 2010.

Into the Beautiful

Writer:  Anne Meredith

RepsWME (Adriana Alberghetti) and Brillstein Entertainment Partners

BuyerWendy Finerman Productions

Genre:  Drama

Attachments:  Wendy Finerman and Natalie Marciano will produce Meg Ryan’s directorial debut.

Notes:  Lisa Zupan will oversee for Finerman.  Script originally went out in January 2009.


Writer:  Joe Eszterhas

RepsICM (Bruce Kaufman) and Baumgarten Management (Craig Baumgarten)

BuyerStone Village Pictures

Genre:  Thriller

AttachmentsPeter Fruchtman will produce alongside Stone Village’s Scott Steindorff.  Steindorff colleagues Dylan Russell and Scott Lastaiti will executive produce, as will Baumgarten’s Craig Baumgarten.


Writer:  Grant Pierce Myers

RepsThe Gotham Group (Jeremy Bell)


Genre:  Drama

AttachmentsHollywood Gang’s Gianni Nuannri, Virgin Produced’s Jason Felts and Rene Rigal and Gotham’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Jeremy Bell are all aboard to produce.


The Watching Hour

Writer:  Shane and Carey Van Dyke

RepsParadigm and Mad Hatter (Michael Connolly)

BuyerNew Line

Genre:  Horror

Attachments:  Connolly will produce through Mad Hatter alongside Mary Parent, through her newly named, Paramount-based Disruption Entertainment.

Wild Guns

Writer:  T.S. Nowlin

RepsWME (Daniel Cohan, Mike Esola) and Energy Entertainment (Adam Marshall, Brooklyn Weaver)

BuyerWarner Bros.

Genre:  Western

Attachments:  Gianni Nunnari will produce through his Warners-based Hollywood Gang Productions.


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