New England Short Horror Film Competition

Name of Contest:
New England Short Horror Film Competition

Sponsoring Organization:
95 North Films, LLC.

John E. Seymore

235 Presumpscot St.
Portland, ME 04103

207 221-5453



Purpose of Contest:
The New England Short Horror Film Competition is meant to highlight short films and scripts in the horror/sci-fi/mystery suspense genres.

Number of years this contest has been running:
The contest is in its first year.

Updates will be given on the first day of every month beginning August 1. Winners will be selected on a rolling basis.

Entry Fees:
$25 dollar entry fee, check made payable to 95 North Films, LLC

Kinds of scripts accepted (i.e. Teleplays, features, MOWs):
Currently, the contest is only accepting short films. However, starting Fall 2010, it will be open to scripts for short films in the horror/sci-fi/mystery/suspense genres.

The short films must be a minimum of 12 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes. Only submissions in the horror/sci-fi/mystery//suspense genres will be accepted. The script/film must be completely original and cannot have been produced, sold or optioned. Participants must be at least 16 years of age.

Description of Prizes:
A minimum of 4 films will be selected and included on a compilation DVD for international distribution.

Readers and Judges:
The readers are a variety of film professionals with a history in the genre. The judges are the executives of 95 North Films LLC.

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