The Inkwell Opportunity

Name of Contest:
The Inkwell Opportunity

Sponsoring Organization:
Pipeline Entertainment Inc.

P.O. Box 1156 New York, NY 10159



Purpose of Contest:
What makes The Inkwell Opportunity different from other writing competitions is The Inkwell doesn’t offer a false perception that your script is being read and delivered to every major studio, agent and producer in the world. Any professional in the business knows for a fact that getting the right person at the right company to read your script is a near impossible feat, unless you have proper representation. That is why The Inkwell Opportunity is one of the only writing competitions that is dedicated to crafting a career for our winner. There is a reason why every successful writer is represented by either an agent, a manager, or in many cases – by both. Effective representation cultivates and develops your work and your career, giving you access to professional opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist. The winner of The Inkwell Opportunity will receive an exclusive contract with Pipeline Entertainment, a NY based Production Management firm that has a track record for developing, packaging and producing many of their client’s projects.

Number of years this contest has been running:

December 15th

Entry Fees:

Kinds of scripts accepted (i.e. Teleplays, features, MOWs):
Feature-length screenplays

Screenplays must be under 140 pages in length

Description of Prizes:
Exclusive client representation and the development of the winning screenplay/winner’s other work(s) by the film and television management company Pipeline Entertainment. Additionally, all of our submissions receive complimentary coverage.

Readers and Judges:
The Inkwell Opportunity employs a diligent, seasoned group of script readers with years of experience in the industry. Our judges are a select group of industry professionals with years of experience developing, selling and producing feature films.

Success Stories:
Last year’s winner was offered exclusive client representation from Pipeline Entertainment. Additionally, our runner-up has been given the opportunity to develop his script with an Award-Winning Director and client of Pipeline Entertainment.