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Monday Morning Editor’s Picks: Screenwriting DVDs

As I hunted through my resources this weekend, I came across some screenwriting DVDs I’ve enjoyed and wanted to share with you. 1. The Dialogue DVD Series: This series of DVDs includes interviews of successful screenwriters talking craft, breaking in, and the films they love. I’m a big fan of crawling...

Call for Reviewers for Screenwriting Books and Software

Script Magazine and The Writers Store are in search of writers to review screenwriting books and screenwriting software. If you’re looking to add published clips to your resume, or simply interested in FREE products supplied to you for your professional review, please contact our editor for further information.

DVD Review: Number 10

Was Hugh Grant’s young, single Prime Minister your favorite character in Love Actually? If you’ve ever been curious about a British Prime Minister’s sex life, the late BBC writer Terence Feely has seven different answers for you.

Exposition: Taken

Tuesday, May 12, Fox Home Entertainment will release Taken, one of the biggest action flicks of 2009, on DVD and Blu-Ray. If you’re in the mood for an against-the-clock shoot-‘em-up, the movie delivers.

DVD Review: The Reader

Don’t let the decidedly “literary” title (i.e. “non-cinematic”) fool you: The Reader is an exquisitely imagistic film experience. Directed by Stephen Daldry from a screenplay by David Hare, The Reader synthesizes gritty realism and tenebrous tenderness in translating the internationally renowned book by Bernhard Schlink to celluloid.