Write Ahead of the Game This Holiday Season & Gifts for Writers

Screenwriting takes it down a notch over the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until the on-season! Write ahead of the game by learning or refreshing yourself with screenwriting tips and tricks. The best part? They’re free!

Are you looking for gifts for writers or gifts for screenwriters? The experts at Script Mag are here to ease your holiday worries! We’ve listed many awesome and creative gift ideas for writers that are sure to make them happy by expanding their skills!

Writing to stay ahead of the game and gift ideas for writers.

Learn how to overcome writer's block with this free ebook.

How to Overcome Writer’s block

First and foremost, if you are brainstorming a new writing idea, or are already writing but hit a brick wall, this is for you. Get ahead by breaking through writer’s block with these free, useful tips from expert Jenna Avery including the 5 common causes of writer’s block with an additional 16 tips in the free eBook!


Tips and tricks to writing a film treatment, free ebook.

How to Write a Treatment

One of the many struggles for screenwriters is writing the screenplay treatment. The experts at Script Mag understand your stress with this vital screenwriting process and created detailed advice, treatment tips and techniques, and even a screenplay treatment example. If you finalize your film treatment, then you are surely ahead of the game this holiday season!


5 common query letter and logline questions answered in this free ebook.

5 Common Query Letter and Logline Questions

Now that your treatment is completed, you’re ready to learn how to market your script to Hollywood executives by breaking it down into an engaging and captivating query. This free download on querying screenwriting includes 11 pages of tips for writing query letters and loglines that are sure to grab an executive’s attention. Talk about using your time wisely!


Check out a sample synopsis and tips for learning how to write a synopsis in this free ebook from Script Mag.

Writing a Successful Synopsis

Morphing your script into a one-page synopsis may leave you with the deer-in-headlights feeling, but you are more than capable to accomplish this task! Check out the sample synopsis in this free download, then write one after outlining your screenplay and before the completion of the first draft. The holes in your story will pop, and you can address them now rather than later. This free eBook on how to write a synopsis will give you the tools to sum your script into only one page.


7 reasons why pitching your script at a pitchfest is beneficial and more tips to pitching a script in this free eBook from Script Mag.

7 Reasons Why You Should Pitch Your Script at a Pitchfest

Talk about an opportunity to receive insightful, expert feedback and the potential to be discovered! Pitching your masterpiece at a pitchfest is the perfect way to network with high-end executives, receive feedback, and find opportunity to move forward with your script, yet many writers don’t take advantage of such useful events. Take advantage of the holidays, and check out this free pitchfest checklist to make you as prepared as possible for future pitchfests!


Learn how to write a screenplay with this free eBook from the experts at Script Mag.

How to Write a Screenplay

You’ll be finishing your script in no time after downloading this free webinar on How to Write a Screenplay that includes expert advice on how to create a logline, how to structure an outline, and tips on how to move your plot forward using your characters. Rather you are a script-writing expert or new to scripts, this is a great resource to refresh and learn new screenwriting techniques in order to keep ahead of the competition and be more marketable.


Check out this free eBook on tips and tricks on entering screenwriting contests from the experts at Script Mag.

What Can Screenwriting Contests do for Your Writing Career?

By entering screenwriting contests, you can achieve the representation needed to prove your script is high-quality work and get it in the hands of those who work in the industry. This free eBook guides you on the best practices in entering screenwriting competitions as well as reliable screenwriting contest sites. In addition, the experts at Script Mag included a brilliant free download on how to improve your odds of winning a screenplay contest. Prepare for upcoming screenwriting contests this holiday season, and you’ll see your chances increase and screenwriting career improve!

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Writing intriguing loglines that will get your scripts read and sold from the Writer's Store.

Writing Intriguing Loglines That Will Get Your Scripts Read – and Sold!

Your logline is the most important thing you’ll ever write. And rewrite. And rewrite. It is the first impression you’ll never get a second chance to make. It serves as a barometer for your story and writing ability. A perfect gift for writers is this live webinar that will help screenwriters excite prospects about their writing projects, write compelling loglines, and capitalize on loglines for both script development and marketing brainstorming. If you’re a screenwriter and searching for ways to improve your logline, this is the perfect gift for yourself as it will benefit you in the long-run.

Producer Barri Evins blogged about how to create a masterful logline and wrote, “Your logline needs to convince us that your idea is one of a kind. If you feel that you are seeing the same thing over and over in movie theatres, imagine how many ideas we read time and again in scripts!”


What you should be doing over the holidays in preparation to submitting your screenplay.

Submissions Insanity: Extreme Christmas Turkey Edition

December is considered the ‘off-season’ for any submissions, and any screenplay you submit during the holiday season will likely be cast off until January, which doesn’t help your chances. Novelist, script editor and blogger Lucy V. Hay blogged about what to do during the holidays prior to submitting your screenplay that included these 5 submission tips: take deep breaths, shiny up your submission, do some research into the people and companies you’re submitting to, read a book on screenwriting, and get some last minute feedback via peer review.

One awesome resource accompanying this topic is knowing as much as you can about the places and people you’re submitting your screenplay to is the Hollywood Screenwriting Directory. This handy directory includes 4,000+ listings for industry insiders and is your key to getting ahead of the game prior to submitting your screenplay.


The Writer's Store has everything a writer or screenwriter could ever need to grow in their career.

Tons of Writer Gift Ideas and Ways to Improve Your Screenwriting

If you’re still searching for gifts to give writers or other writing areas to improve, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Writer’s Store. This store has everything you could possibly imagine when searching for ways to enhance your skills, such as screenwriting software, screenwriting books, expert advice, webinars on writing, writing contests, educational materials, and many other supplies!