4 Essential Traits of a Strong Protagonist You Need to Know

A story is only as strong as its protagonist. If your protagonist is weak and passive, your readers won’t care if s/he succeeds or fails. Knowing the definition of a protagonist is critical to fully understanding how to create a strong main character that will attract A-list actors.

The definition of protagonist is, quite simply, the main or lead character in a story, often called a “hero.” The story must revolve around this character and the overall goal of the story must be something the protagonist can and does actively pursue.

What is a protagonist in a story? Creating a strong protagonist is critical for developing a solid story. Different terms are often used in the protagonist definition such as hero, central character, main character, etc. Bottom-line: S/he has to be the main focus of your screenplay. The overall story must revolve around your hero.

The experts at Script Mag compiled the following infographic that discusses essentials for having a strong protagonist in your story include being relatable, evolving, in direct action and engaging.

Essentials of a Strong Protagonist

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