Action Lines

BREAKING IN: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Script Doom

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Staton Rabin is a screenplay marketing consultant, script analyst, and “pitch coach” for screenwriters at all levels of experience. “What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?” That’s one version of...

Script Gods Must Die: Action Lines – The Key is POV

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! Action lines and Dialogue. Less the slugline and a transition or two, that is all there is to a screenplay. While it might be argued that dialogue is far more important, the ability to write clean, crisp screen direction is essential....

Magic Bullet: Action Lines Part 2

Ever wonder about the best balance between dialogue and action lines? Ever wonder why it's important and how to write the most effective action lines? Well then, step right up my friend. The water's warm.

The Magic Bullet: Action Lines

What if there was one thing you could integrate into your screenwriting - right now - that would make it stand out above the rest? Everyone is always searching for the magic bullet - the one secret that will put them over the top. Well, here's yours.