From The Lens: Perspective

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! It’s no secret that I’m not the most socially outgoing person, so I’m not the type of New Yorker who knows all his neighbors. This is not because I don’t want to be friendly though; I’m just always in such a...

From The Lens: Choosing A Camera for Filmmaking

On a frosty winter day in Central Park, I reached into my backpack, to pull out a little silver camera– the Canon AutoZoom 814. It’s a consumer super 8mm film camera, designed to capture home movies in the late 60’s. Of course this wasn’t the 60’s, nor was it a home...

Meet the Reader: What Not to Write

The job of the screenwriter is to conceive an interesting and entertaining story, devise a workable dramatic structure for it, and then provide the action and dialogue required to tell that tale. This is a lot for a writer to do, but is it ALL the writer should do?