Slavery by Another Name

Balls of Steel: Advice on Adapting a Book to Film

Bookstores are a writer’s crack house. I walk down the aisles, dancing my fingers over the bindings, lips quivering, wanting a fix. Sure, I get out my hand sanitizer after, but while I’m touching the spines, I imagine the characters and stories within those pages. Countless authors’ blood, sweat, and tears...

Balls of Steel: From Contest to Career

This week’s Balls of Steel is coming at you early simply because its time-sensitive contents include an opportunity I truly believe you should take advantage of. Many of my network have asked me how to find a mentor after reading last week’s Balls of Steel: How Far Will You Go? I...

Balls of Steel: No Comfort in the Zone

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch When the above quote appeared in my Twitter stream, it gave me pause. “Comfort zone” is an expression we use often, but rarely contemplate its meaning or how it affects our daily choices, both as writers and humans....

BALLS OF STEEL: How to Grow a Set

Countless writers have asked Jeanne Veillette Bowerman how a recovering insecureaholic like her could have grown "balls of steel." But it was a specific string of direct messages on Twitter that made her realize the importance of sharing her path to fearlessness.

BALLS OF STEEL: Put Up or Shut Up

Patience is paramount when it comes to both getting a project produced and learning your writing partner’s habits. But patience can also be the killer of a project – a slow infectious cancer that will suck the energy out of your work and your soul.