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How often have you stared at a blank page wondering what to write? We wanted to bring you some inspiration with writing prompts for your scripts, scenes, short stories, novels, or even just a writing exercise to get your creative juices flowing.

Beyond inspiration, we want our readers to share their creations and feel free to respectfully leave feedback for each other.

Let’s have fun with this!

A frantic woman takes the elevator up to the detective’s office to report her child missing. On the way up, the door opens and a man gets in. Just as the elevator starts up, it abruptly stops – stuck between floors. She panics.

Write a scene of what happens before the elevator moves again. Who is this man? Can he help her or is he at the police station for another reason? He could be one of the good guys… or not. Really push the potential for this contained scene.

Leave no more than a 500-word comment below. There are no wrong answers. This is just a writing exercise in a judgment free zone, so have fun with it!

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