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Donna Dannenfelser

About Donna Dannenfelser

Dr. Donna Dannenfelser is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, bestselling author and Co-Executive Producer on USA’s hit series, Necessary Roughness. She is the expert on Psychological Backstories as she consults with writers concerning psychological profiles and character flaws for pilot development, TV series, movies and novels. USA Network’s hit series, Necessary Roughness, was based on the life of Dr. Donna when she served as the mental health clinician to the New York Jets. Serving as a writer herself, Co-Executive Producer, and writing consultant to seasoned and novice writers, Dr. Donna combines her psychotherapy knowledge with writing skills as she assists writers and producers in developing psych bio’s that are complicated, interesting, surprising, and based on realistic personality disorders that bring characters to life. Visit her website and follow her on Twitter: @TheDr_Donna