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About John Buchanan

JOHN BUCHANAN is an award-winning, nationally published journalist and magazine writer whose work has appeared in more than 100 newspapers and magazines. He is currently a freelance reporter for the global news agency Reuters.

Anatomy of the Deal

No two deals are exactly alike, but all deals are under unprecedented pressures in the current marketplace. When it comes to getting the best payday possible, leading agents and managers agree on some time-tested fundamentals.

Concept is King

In today’s tight spec-script market, nothing is more important than your idea. In fact, an inferior concept can render even talent and opportunity effectively meaningless.

Landing Your First Assignment

There’s more opportunity out there for new scribes than just the fabled spec sale. In fact, writing assignments represent a more reliable path to a genuine livelihood. When most aspiring screenwriters imagine their successful against-all-odds assault on Hollywood, they think in terms of a big spec sale that changes their lives...