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John Truby John Truby is regarded as the serious writer’s story coach and has taught his Anatomy of Story Masterclass to sold-out audiences in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Rome, Toronto, and other far-flung locales. Over the past twenty-five years, more than 35,000 students have taken Truby’s classes and rave about the insights and direction it has given them. According to PC Magazine, Truby is “the best script doctor in the movie industry.” Truby continues to serve as a story consultant to the major studios, including Sony Pictures, HBO, Disney Studios, Alliance Atlantis, BBC, Canal Plus, MTV Sweden, RAI in Italy, and many others. He is co-writer of the Disney/BBC film, AFRICAN CATS, and he was a story consultant on their previous documentary, EARTH. Follow John on Twitter @JohnTruby.

Hit Movies in 2012 Show Why It’s All About Learning Genres

For years I’ve been making the case that the key to becoming a professional screenwriter is to follow the first rule of Hollywood: it buys and sells genres. If you don’t know what Hollywood is buying you have no chance of selling them your script. Genres are different kinds of stories,...