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After spending more than a decade working as a feature film executive, (Universal, Fox, Lynda Obst), Lisa Alden landed a job as a writer on the second season of Entourage. After spending four seasons on the hit show, she moved on to work as a writer on the NBC show Lipstick Jungle. She is currently pursuing her dream of her own "created by" credit and has sold pilot pitches to Fox21, MTV, HBO and ABC Family. Lisa currently teaches "Writing the Original Pilot" at UCLA. She also works privately with TV and feature writers and teaches a successful workshop "The Power of the Pitch" at various locations around LA. She can be found walking her four dogs, or online at @lisaalden3.

Blue Sky: Enter the TV Writers’ Room

The title of my column comes from an expression I only heard once in a writer’s room, but from somebody who’d been in a lot of rooms, over a lot of years, so I can only assume he didn’t make it up. To call a “blue sky” session in a writers...