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About Sable Jak

Sable Jak is a former actress and dancer and has, like so many other writers, been writing ever since she can remember. She's a 5-time award winner at Moondance International Film Festival in Audio Drama and is a staff writer for Jim French Productions Imagination Theatre

Book Review: Cinematic Storytelling

What a fascinating book for a scriptwriter to read! At first, you think “This isn’t meant for me—it has chapters on camera lenses and camera positions, and wardrobe and sound effects! That’s stuff directors and cinematographers and other people work with.” From understanding the medium you’re working in, comes better work.

Quirky Vs. Non-Quirky

What type of character do you like to write the best – the quirky guy or the non-quirky guy (or gal)? Almost every time I ask a writer that question, the answer is: the quirky guy. I’m not surprised. It’s always a lot more fun to write about an odd duck...

Book Review: Hollywood Migraine

Ray Greene's Hollywood Migraine is a compilation gleaned from Greene's ten years (the nineties) of travels across the four corners of Hollywood and all that bubbles beneath it.