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About Stephany Folsom

Stephany is a professional writer. Her first screenplay was developed with the Disney Channel, and she’s currently developing a TV pilot with Momentum Ent. Her sketch work can be seen on Funny or Die, the Premium YouTube Channel DS2DIO, and at iO West. She also writes a blog Stephany Says. Follow Stephany on Tumblr and Twitter @StephanyFolsom.

Spit Takes: Writing Short and Funny for the Internet

Given that I’ve written material for some of the biggest players on the Internet, I’d like to impart some advice on what it takes to write a successful web video. Keep in mind that I’m not talking about writing a web series. I’m talking about writing those short videos you see...

Spit Takes: Don’t Be an A$$hole

After my first column, I got a lot of questions on how you can get your projects into development, and how you can get paid to write. I feel this is one of those first date conversations we have to get out of the way before we delve deeper into comedy...