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About Aarthi Ramanathan

Aarthi Ramanathan’s addiction to movies began at age 10 when she penned her first Disney movie. Unfortunately, they never got back to her, but by that point, she had already been bitten by the screenwriting bug and has been writing scripts ever since. Her love of animation, combined with her cross-cultural upbringing - India, where she was born, Kuwait, where she grew up, and Canada, where she lives now - has lent itself to a portfolio of rich characters and journeys in the family and fantasy genres. She has previously written for a web series, and her screenplays have also been recognized in various screenwriting contests including Final Draft Big Break (top 10 finalist), Screencraft (finalist), PAGE (semifinalist), AFF (2nd Rounder) and Stage 32 Feature (Winner). Visit her website and follow her on Twitter @ajramanathan