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Kevin Delin took a few writing courses (among other things) at MIT from playwright A.R. Gurney and author Frank Conroy. He’s got a PhD in physics and has patented technology at NASA. His adventures include deploying his technology with firefighters in first response operations, inventing the future with venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, and solving national security issues with generals inside the Pentagon. Unable to convince backers to turn his textbook, Foundations of Applied Superconductivity, into the Broadway spectacular it merits, Kevin found other ways of making mischief in the entertainment industry. Drawing from his extensive tech background, he professionally advises storytellers who want to ground their work in science. His own writings include both scripts and essays. He is a proud member of the Antaeus Playwrights Laboratory and his pieces on art and culture have been published in American Theatre, LA Weekly, Script Magazine, Footlights, and Stage Raw. You can follow him on Twitter @kdelin and read him at

nolan film review dunkirk poster


Chris Nolan's new film, Dunkirk, uses non-linear storytelling, in both space and time, to immerse the audience deeply into a large, complex event.

The Wide Margin: Summertime Challenge

With June now safely behind us, the 2013-2014 school year is officially over.  It’s summertime! When I was younger that meant 75 days of uninterrupted fun.  That’s just how we roll in the United States: you are either in-school learnin’ or you are out-of-school playin’. We carry those impressions into adulthood....

In-N-Out 3x3 Burger

The Wide Margin: My First Writing Course (A Fairy Story)

Do you remember your first writing course?  I do.  High school.  Junior year.  Part of Mr. K’s honors British Literature class.  Mr. K worked hard at his reputation of being the most no-nonsense, scariest teacher that the good little middle class boys and girls of my sleepy, no-movie-theater town could imagine.  Even...

The Wide Margin: Happy Birthday, Mr. Shakespeare!

So, it turns out that no one knows exactly what day William Shakespeare was born.  We know it was near the end of April 1564.  Scholars believe he was born on the 23rd since he was baptized on the 26th.  But since 1582 lost 10 days when we adopted our present...

The Wide Margin: The Writer’s Most Unkindest Cut of All

Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! I have a friend who makes his living as a film editor – he’s quite good and it’s likely you’ve seen his work – who can look you straight in the eyes and declare in a stentorian voice:  “I don’t do velvet ropes.” ...

The Wide Margin: (Parenthetically Speaking…)

I learned more about the craft of screenwriting by studying acting than from reading books on screenwriting. There.  I said it. Actors, after all, are my real audience.  Without them, I might as well write a novel.  The moment I decide I’m going to write for performance, I have committed to...

worried cat

The Wide Margin: Tell the Cat to Beat It!

Writers today are obsessed with structure.  I’m not talking about the traditional beginning-middle-end style structure.  I’m talking about the micromanagement of page counts as typified by anal retentive “techniques” like “saving the cat.”  I’m pretty sure Paddy Chayefsky never thought in terms of a beat sheet, assigning plot points to script...